Manufacture and sell Nagase brand E-SAGAN, etc., which is produced by spinning technology, mainly for special technology spatula and sheet metal processing. | Nagase Co., Ltd. of Musashimurayama-shi, Tokyo.

Manufactures and sells Nagase brand E-Sagan, etc., produced from spinning technology,
mainly for special technology spattling and sheet metal processing

Product examples

Spatula drawing technology with a wide range of applications

Drawing products are used as parts for electronics, medical equipment, automobiles, aircraft, etc., but they are an indispensable part in a unique area.
Due to its special manufacturing method, drawing work requires skill, so-called hand skill, which cannot be substituted for machines.
In that sense, it is no exaggeration to say that the skill of a human hand determines the life or death of a product.
High quality and high reliability required-Nagase Co., Ltd. responds to this by practicing product making with uncompromising craftsmanship.

Object [Voice of the earth] (Tamagawacho Pocket Park, Akishima City)

Industrial products

Dehumidifying and drying dryer
Stainless hopper for injection molding machine
Electronic microscope
Dust collector
Vacuum equipment
Car phone resonators and mufflers


Murayama Reservoir Intake Tower Objet


Copper tableware
Beer mug
Post box
Pendant light
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