Manufacture and sell Nagase brand E-SAGAN, etc., which is produced by spinning technology, mainly for special technology spatula and sheet metal processing. | Nagase Co., Ltd. of Musashimurayama-shi, Tokyo.

Manufactures and sells Nagase brand E-Sagan, etc., produced from spinning technology,
mainly for special technology spattling and sheet metal processing

Factory information

This is a high-tech factory completed in 2017.

The dramatic development of mechatronics has made it possible to reduce work and make complex advanced sheet metal processing.
However, it is the human brain that manipulates it, even with the best machines.
Reliable products come from a combination of excellent equipment and skilled technology.
Expansion of equipment and training of excellent engineers.
Nagase is generous in both of these.

Spinning (diameter 2,600mm)

150 ton hydraulic press

NS spinning machine (VF-T155)

3D 5-axis control laser processing machine (TLM-408)

Equipment owned

Spinning machine (Max flank φ2800mm) 16 unit

Spinning machine (Nihon Spinning / VF-T1500 type) 1 unit

Automatic Spinning machine (Nihon Spinning / VF-T1000) 1 unit

lathe 6 unit

Front panel (1.5m) 1 unit

NC lathe 1 unit

Power press (80ton E 45ton) 2 unit

Homing press (5ton) 1 unit

Turret punch press 1 unit

Plasma cutter 1 unit

Cutting machine (shearing) 1 unit

Vendor 1 unit

Argon welding machine 10 unit

Micro Tig welding machine 1 unit

Electric welding machine 1 unit
Spot welding machine 3 unit

Automatic welding machine 1 unit

YAG laser welding machine (one of which is linked to a robot) 4 unit

Roller polishing machine 1 unit

Three rollers (two of which are electrically driven) 3 unit

Bibleshire 3 unit
Cycle shears 2 unit

Contour machine 1 unit

Corner shear 1 unit

3D laser processing machine 2 unit

CMM 1 unit

Ultrasonic cleaning machine 1 unit

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