Manufacture and sell Nagase brand E-SAGAN, etc., which is produced by spinning technology, mainly for special technology spatula and sheet metal processing. | Nagase Co., Ltd. of Musashimurayama-shi, Tokyo.

Manufactures and sells Nagase brand E-Sagan, etc., produced from spinning technology,
mainly for special technology spattling and sheet metal processing

Flexible production system that can respond to all needs.

Nagase Co., Ltd., specializes in special spinning in metal processing, Electronics, electrical parts, medical equipment, vacuum equipment, agricultural equipment, aircraft, communication equipment, lighting equipment, etc.
We have been producing and assembling a wide variety of parts. This spinning is a job requiring special skills as a special technique. We have established a system to maintain high quality and highly reliable products by focusing on thorough employee education and expansion of facilities for this purpose.
Further improve quality by docking method technology and mechanical technology and set up a flexible short delivery system according to needs, We are establishing our position as a comprehensive order production plant from prototype to mass production.
Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding metal processing in general.

What is a spinning

Spinning is a plastic working method in which a flat or cylindrical metal plate is rotated and a bar called a spatula is pressed and deformed little by little. It is also called drawing spinning and spatula.
It is suitable for processing rotating bodies and has been used for processing pots, kettles, bells, and pseudo jewels.
In recent years, there have been many fields that have been replaced by high-productivity press working, but spatula drawing technology has been applied to a wide variety of products, and in recent years, high-tech technologies such as aircraft nose cones, space rocket payload fairings, and parabolic antennas It is also adopted as a special technology in the field of technology.
The biggest feature of the spinning technology is that almost any metal product that is axially symmetric can be machined. Complex shapes can be made with the minimum number of processes, leading to shorter delivery times and lower costs.
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